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Emergency 02890 426587
Out of hours 02890 426587
Holywood Branch 02890 426587
Garden Lodge Veterinary Clinic, Stormont 02896207377


Available facilities for you and your pet at Garden Lodge Vets


Available facilities for you and your pet at Garden Lodge Vets


Our reception area is a clean open space and is wheel chair accessible, where you will be greeted by our friendly reception staff when you and your pet arrive for their appointment.

We have a cat friendly area for all our feline customers.

Our receptionists are always happy to advise you or point you in the right direction of someone who can help if you have any query at all.

We offer appointments at 15 minutes intervals with the vets and the nurses.

As a team, we aim to keep waiting to a minimum but we hope you understand that this is not always possible if we are dealing with unexpected emergencies. We ask for you to be patients and understanding at this time and will keep you informed of any delays.  If you are unable to wait we will be happy to offer you an alternative appointment.

Consult Rooms

We have three consult rooms where our vets and nurse will take time to:

  • Gather a history of your pet
  • Listen to any concerns you may have
  • Give your pet a full clinical examination

You will be involved in all the decisions made about your pets’ treatment and/or medication.


Blood Tests:

Within the practice we can run a variety of in-house blood test with accurate results available on the same day. A small number of tests may need to be sent to our external laboratory with results coming back within 2-5days.


In-house we can test urine to give us an insight to the health of your pet’s kidneys, test for diabetes and assess urine infections. This allows us rapidly see if we need to preform further testing if we have concerns.


We are able to perform tests with the surgery by taking samples from skin, ears or sometimes with a fine needle from lumps or bumps. This give the vet the opportunity to make a diagnosis and work towards the next step of treatment.

Dental Treatment

At our Stormont Clinic, we have our modern dental equipment including a high speed drill and ultrasonic scaler. We also have our dental x-ray machine which gives the vet accurate insight to your pets’ mouth and oral health.

We complete a full dental chart for every patient who undergo a dental procedure.

X-ray and Ultrasound

We have a digital x-ray machine on site. The machine produces high quality images allowing our vets to make a diagnosis quickly.

Our ultrasound machine enables our vets to see organs inside the body whilst your pet is conscious. This machine can be used for pregnancy diagnosis or cardiac scan and much more. We have a vet who specialises in cardiac scans within the surgery.

Operating Theatre

Our theatre is minimalistic to prevent any risk of infection. The theatre is cleaned daily and after every procedure. It is equipped with monitoring equipment and the anaesthetics available.

Each individual entering theatre is equipped with the necessary PPE.


ECG allows us to assess the electrical activity of the heart to help the vet to diagnose any cardiac issues or as a monitoring device during a general anaesthetic.


We all worry about our pet’s safety during an anaesthesia. Even procedures requiring minimal sedation still involve anaesthetic drugs. It is extremely important that you inform us of any illness, increased thirst, cough or recent changes to your pet’s health, as this will allow us to anticipate any problems and tailor a suitable drug regime for your pet’s needs.

We adhere to very strict protocols within the practice with respect to care of elderly animals and provision of safe anaesthesia, with good post-operative pain control.

Older animals:

  • We recommend routine intravenous fluid therapy to all animals over eight years old receiving anaesthesia. If you do not know the exact age of your pet it is better to assume that they are older and give them fluids.
  • We also recommend a pre-anaesthetic blood test for senior pets.

Why do we do this?

  • All the drugs and gases we use to keep animals asleep cause a decrease in blood pressure. This means that when your pet is asleep it has greatly reduced blood flow to vital organs such as the kidneys and brain. If these organs receive less oxygen from the blood than normal, then they may be permanently damaged as a result.
  • To prevent this happening, we give your pet intravenous fluids to help maintain better blood flow to vital organs and to keep blood pressure within safe limits. We can also measure your pets blood pressure during anaesthesia, to make sure that all is well.